Daily maintenance should include regular dusting with a dry cloth.

Avoid wiping your cabinets with water.  This will only allow moisture to get inside and cause swelling and peeling of finishes.  Cleaning should be done with a damp cloth followed by drying. The cloth should be lightly dampened with soap and soft to the touch. Make sure to wipe cabinets completely dry to complete the job.

Try using “Cabinet Magic” as mentioned in the video above. It has a nice scent and provides a luster finish.

Periodically, European hinges need to be slightly adjusted.  The first screw allows the doors to be shifted left or tight.  The second screw towards the back generally allows the door to move up and down, and the one in the rear allows doors to move in and out from the face of the cabinet.  .

Periodically check all types of hinges for tightness as screws may work loose with normal use over time.

Wherever placement allows, avoid direct sun. The sun’s powerful rays can alter the look and finish of your cabinets over time.

Extreme temperatures and moisture are damaging to your fine cabinetry and cause the wood to expand, contract, and even de-coat in some cases. Normal room temperatures are best.

Drawer alignment can sometimes be caused by un-level floors, walls, unintentional realignment or worse cabinet damage. Your cabinets should have a professional installation team behind them and it’s a good idea to give them a call to evaluate this for you. Every Exquisite Cabinet is custom installed and adjusted precisely before the job is done.